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Sworn Secrecy

August 10, 2013
By dejarenee SILVER, Goose Creek, South Carolina
dejarenee SILVER, Goose Creek, South Carolina
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I can’t stop thinking about you. the way you stare
at me when you see me. Locking eyes for at least
seconds before saying a word. the comparison
between your hand and mine. the way we can lay
beside each other without saying a word, just holding
on, and still feel content. your laidback presence that
seems to scare me because maybe you’re observing
too much, or maybe you’re not paying enough attention.

my mind won’t let go of the way you grazed your hand
across my cheek. gently, but steady. or how your arms
wrap around my waste so easily. pressing my body tight
against yours.
or your lingering kisses…carrying me into a daze i can’t
seem to escape. Your lips soft against my neck causing my
heartbeat to increase rapidly.

i just want to do it all again.
to taste your sweet tongue intertwining with mine.
replaying the moment your hand fell into the small of
my back with you looking into me further than ever
before. pulling me closer to you. breathing the air between
us. caressing my lips with yours, and gently pressing
them against mine as I dig my nails into your back pulling
you closer. sweet and powerful.
I’m just ready to do it again.
Ready to hear you tell me stories of “this time” and “that
time”. laughing before you even finish a sentence.
slightly bringing a smile out the left corner of your
mouth as you show me pictures saying, “I have to
document everything so I don’t forget.” and
i just smile.

I’m ready to jump in the car with you. letting my
hair down, the way you like it best. Allowing the wind
to flow through my tangles and into my face.
you driving like a maniac in attempt to make me
smile, succeeding as you reach across grabbing my hand,
your thumb rubbing my knuckles idly.
looking at me before you open the door to say,
“You’re beautiful.” and kissing me hard to remind me that
you won’t take long to come back to me.

and i know this is bad because you’re not mine, and I can’t
have you, but I’m missing you.
and I can’t stop thinking about you.
and I just want to make our memories come alive
all over again.

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