Wisdom and early mornings

Just looking to be a king of my borough through higher learning and consciousness...don't blame me for my thought process if I'm a nocturnal thinker...does that mean I'm dark???nah I just see the light on special occasions...like 4/20 to tupac,wale,biggie and running through hells rumors call me hov but is he spreading the gospel on the low to a society who don't know...call me Picasso baby... High on emotion..just going through the motion....all I need is a picture to make the past real and the future visible...that's why I have a frame....so please....stain my name..... Being broke is the root of all evil....I swear that's the truth if I bend it it becomes love than I'm just married to a potential that corrupts instead changes lives for the better...so you better watch your emotion in motion... Is the world really evil or you just tryna say u love me backwards but 50 bullets to my bell and call me Sean on a regular...no Carter because the glass shatters and the hard knock life appears and you'd swear my reunion with God is quicker ...so was I wanted or just a target... Should I swipe by death...like credit but put my card on life tell her that I'm ready to repay you for you to understand that you have a debt to society to create a dream for team of generations and maybe keep a small nation fed.... As nas said why can't heaven be a mile away and why can't I be Trayvon,potential,and be like Martin have a dream,tell my team that you must feen to see the beam in the gray sky... what! You said I'm able to flourish and break like the wood you crack in july but remember we were Still slaves so who's really free...let me...be..me.Feed a man the temporary and he might exist well to the eye but feed a man weaponry of thought,soul,and inner strength he's ready for a world that collapses and builds instead-a.d.s.Imagine if you woke in a nightmare you couldn't fix but the foreigners of thought tell you your mind is the key. Your reality is temporary because the real is way further than you can see and be....is like honey you have to be attractive to sting like a bee...I just cant wait for my sting and be me.....

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