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Yours lovingly

August 4, 2013
By innov8 BRONZE, Hyderabad, Other
innov8 BRONZE, Hyderabad, Other
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Eyes lock
And we quickly look away
A smile kisses
My lips
As I dared to glance back
You did the same
And an easy blush
Colors my cheeks
I look way
Maintain a calm poise
Engage in conversation
With someone else
This is all of course a show
A kind I put up
Just for you

It’s not before long
That I find you gone
Restless my eyes search
I didn’t even know your name
My feet moved
Out of their own accord
I bump at a person
Paying at the bar – his wallet fell
“Oh, I’m sorry! I-
But then I saw his eyes
Full of amusement
And seemed to know
Exactly what went through
My mind
Flushed and angry
At my own stupidity
I stalked off
In the opposite direction
All the while cursing
A tiny detail on the
Now unwillingly
Committed to memory
For I now knew his name

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on Aug. 12 2013 at 8:08 am
Shade3043 DIAMOND, Shade3043 Did This, In Case Of Anonymous, Other
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Favorite Quote:
When I was a boy, I would always hear scary things in the news and my mother would say to me, "Always look for the helpers. Everywhere you look you will always find people helping." - Fred Rogers

Good poem! My only complaint is the awkward structure. Otherwise, good poem! :D - Shade