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Once Ago

July 31, 2013
By PeaceLuvWrite GOLD, Cinnaminson, New Jersey
PeaceLuvWrite GOLD, Cinnaminson, New Jersey
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You are born to achieve great things. Maybe not then, or now, or tomorrow. But one day, you will be a hero in someone's eyes. Just wait <3

Love life
Long live
Once done
Long ago

Wishes upon stars
Never come true
Life without love
Much too often

Once ago was a loving life
Once ago was long ago
Once ago was laughter
Once ago is gone

We have men and boys
We have women and girls
We had love
We had us

Life is a dance
Danger is the tune
To love and to hold
Does it come true

Once ago was a living life
Once ago was long ago
Once ago was wishes
Once ago is gone

Some days we want to be happy
Some days we fight
Some days we enjoy a laugh
Some days we cry

What we wish is not what we need
What we need is never known
What we want is something found
What we find is nothing there

Once ago was so long
Once ago was life
Once ago was happiness
Once ago is done

The author's comments:
Myself and my family are having certain..issues involving partners. I was going to do more of an article, but couldn't find the right words. So I went for the next best thing: poetry expression.
I chose that particular image because it shows a broken butterfly, representing broken relationships. There's a light and dark side with untold details and misunderstandings in every curve, every argument.
What I hope people see in this piece is the hidden message between the lines, yet in plain sight as well. I won't tell you what it is.
You have to search within the words and yourself to know its true meaning to YOU.

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