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I Love You

July 18, 2013
By SacredAngel92 BRONZE, Oelwein, Iowa
SacredAngel92 BRONZE, Oelwein, Iowa
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If you want to suceed be willing to do the things that others are not willing to do.

I'm falling
Falling down and around
When you're around I can't think
Time stands still
My words catch in my throat
I am at a lose for words
How can you make me feel this way
I guard my heart to avoid this kind of feeling
How is it that you have broken through my shield
A shield that I have spent years putting up
I am always being hurt
Yet here you are defying all odds
You are picking me up and putting me back together
Though it is taking time I am healing
Because of you I feel loved and am able to love again
You make me feel whole and when you are gone I miss you and miss you
I wait for your text or your call
I wait to hear your voice
When I do I am whole again and for that I thank you

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