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darkness and l i g h t

July 18, 2013
By King_Nothing GOLD, Tampa, Florida
King_Nothing GOLD, Tampa, Florida
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we all know of the darkness
it waits behind us
watching waiting
for us to reach our weakest so that
it can keep us weak
may we never be strong
it wants to hold us in its
c o l d
embrace away from the
w a r m t h
whispering to us
that hurt more than
physical pain
and we allow ourselves to enjoy
embrace however
c o l d
in this embrace we forget
that darkness can only be made
in the presence of
l i g h t
w a r m t h
the light waits for us
to heal us
in a
embrace loving
w a r m
it knows the darkness has a hold of us
but the light fights for us
l i g h t
wants us to be ours
not for us to be the lights
l i g h t
wants us to be strong
be greater than the last time the
l i g h t
held us
and for us to create our own
l i g h t
so that darkness
have us

The author's comments:
i just wrote this a few minutes ago. it was inspired by a slightly depressing picture, so i wanted to take that idea and turn it around. plus, it's been a while since i posted here, and even longer since i did a poem

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