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July 7, 2013
By tori-gurl PLATINUM, Norwich, New York
tori-gurl PLATINUM, Norwich, New York
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Into the world, a baby was born
Into the shadows of another life
Quiet she kept with a curious mind
Adventuring outside with friends.
Friends she made rarely,
But the ones she made, surpassed the price
Of gold
They’re hearts were pure, open and free
Something that I was, until it was taken from me
As the years go by,
And the leaves fall to the ground
With gentle grace,
As the flowers bloom in the spring
Just to die in the near future,
As the streams and rivers flow calmly in the summer
But rush rapidly in the flooding fall season
Things changed.
All of my pure friends either moved or molded
All of the sweet angels I once was surrounded with
Became monsters or ghosts
They were all the same in the end
I was surrounded by strangers,
Surrounded by hate, anger, and pain
And soon I allowed it to fill me up inside
A cocoon of confusion and hatred
Pain and sadness
At one time I tried and tried to let it escape
I was convinced that my veins held all the evil
That I just needed to let it out
To just bleed out
That was my solution, I never once thought
That maybe this life was beautiful
And I was just missing it
I always knew I was missing something, but I couldn’t
Figure it out.
I thought maybe it was happiness or acceptance

I thought I was missing my friends and support
But in the end
I was missing myself.
I lacked confidence and support
Replaced them with self loathing and hatred
I took it out on others without even thinking about it
And I lived an ugly life
I didn’t get anywhere very fast because I was back tracking
So many times
I never progressed, just regressed and hated the rest
I hated the world,
But one day, I cut the stupid s***
I surrounded myself with comfort and held myself
For months on end I stayed in the protection of my cocoon
I healed my shattered heart and broken faith
And when I was ready,
I came out of my cocoon and showed the world
Who I was
I showed them that I was capable
Of being something beautiful
That I could teach myself to fly and just be free
And I learned
That butterflies are living proof of second chances

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February 1, 2013

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