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Hidden Journey

July 10, 2013
By lastingbreath16 DIAMOND, Lake Alfred, Florida
lastingbreath16 DIAMOND, Lake Alfred, Florida
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screw it all if life gives u lemons do what ever you feel the need to do with them.

Adventure is a word most do not know
It can bring you anything from joy to sorrow

An adventure can be found almost anywhere
On the road hardly walked on
To the written words on a page
Most hide their breath when it comes to taking chances
Some put on a brave face but take no action
There are even a few who face this beast with fire in their eyes
As children we go on adventures
Climbing imaginary castles
Running into battles with friends by are sides
As age presses itself upon us
We lose the touch of sight
With only few staying children forever
Wrinkles cover the faces of many and the childhood is back
Talking about roads taken
Teaching the next generation all about adventure
Adventure is a word we wish to know
It is up to you
From five to sixty-five
It is for everyone

The author's comments:
My friends and I where all talking about elementary school and it got me thinking

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