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A Wild Ride

July 9, 2013
By DanielleB. SILVER, LaVernia, Texas
DanielleB. SILVER, LaVernia, Texas
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It can be difficult to write about something that makes you so confused, frightened, enlightened, and overwhelmed
What I’m saying is it’s hard to write about love
I have never felt so ecstatic yet frighten
So sure yet puzzled
Love itself is a contradiction of feelings
It’s a crazy roller coaster full of twist and turns
When you are waiting in line watching the roller coaster run and you hear the people scream and shout
It’s like all the voices in your head when you are talking to someone trying to see how you feel about them
When you’re getting aboard this tangled up ride called love you become so frighten that it might not work and maybe the ride just might get stuck on a loop
When the restraints are tightened down you are so nervous but looking forward to what might be in store
As the ride begins you are full of so much excitement that you hope that a twist doesn’t ruin the ride
But then you go through 2 loops, 4 twists, and a turn
Then you realize that if you hang on tight there is no reason to be afraid of those twists and turns because it did exactly what it was meant to
It makes the ride worth wild.
Love is like a roller coaster full of twist, turns, and loops
But those are the things that make the ride worth every second!

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