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Freedom Fighters

July 9, 2013
By K-Fighter GOLD, Hemet, California
K-Fighter GOLD, Hemet, California
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Why is it so hard to understand that an individuals sense of freedom is like air, essential for living. It is crucial to know that without freedom, a persons strive for life ceases to exist. If you bind them with laws, or burden them with chains, the impulses will not stop, but fight with every ounce of their being. What happens to the buried dreamers? What becomes of the drowning wonderers? Some of them die fighting, others simply fade away into the void. So why does the world continue to contain them? How did the lack of open-mindedness and empathy become so vivid? To the Dreamers, Wonderers, and Freedom Fighters: Never let the envious stomp out your soaring hearts. Keep them close, but always let them fly.

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