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The Nature of Four

June 24, 2013
By PeaceLuvWrite GOLD, Cinnaminson, New Jersey
PeaceLuvWrite GOLD, Cinnaminson, New Jersey
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You are born to achieve great things. Maybe not then, or now, or tomorrow. But one day, you will be a hero in someone's eyes. Just wait <3

Sun glowing up in waves
Clouds dancing for happy days
Up above the rainbows shine
More beautiful than can be defined
Curling up around the wisps
Its colors gentle as a kiss

The buttercup shines yellow
With a stem of green
Calling out to bellow
Let me be seen
It calls and says hello
That flower is very keen

Fields of white and green alike
Blending together with such a might
The creamy buds soft and bright
Not a single car or bike in sight
It stretches for miles like a kite
Those fields of green and white alike

The small tree waves in the wind
Bringing memories of its other kin
Wondering what it must have been
White buds inside it so it can't be a him
What I see I swear I saw
That little tree shall not fall

The author's comments:
I just made it for Language Arts class and everyone really liked it so I decided to put it up on here.

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