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June 22, 2013
By X-crazybeautifullife-X SILVER, Omaha, Nebraska
X-crazybeautifullife-X SILVER, Omaha, Nebraska
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"Sometimes we hurt the people we love because we love them"

She was so happy, so carefree, so bright. She was so beautiful, shined like a light. She loved the night, the peace everywhere. She loved the wind as it blew through her hair. She loved the color of the sky, so blue. She loved the sounds of the owls going HOO. She was a smart girl, always expecting the best. She was unusual, not like the rest. She was perfection on the outside it seemed. It was inside that the tears streamed. She didn't tell anybody. Nobody would know. That when the night came she put on a show. She was never happy, just always depressed. She just pretended that she was the best. She didn't want people to feel any of her pain. Everyone was so happy, she couldn't feel ashamed. She once was so happy, but now she was not. Now she has fallen, and can never be brought back up.

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