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Song of Myself

June 9, 2013
By joecool101 PLATINUM, Brighton, Massachusetts
joecool101 PLATINUM, Brighton, Massachusetts
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Think once and nothing will happen; think again and ideas will flow to your mind.

- Joshua Eibelman

I am what the people, animals, plants, objects, gasses, thoughts, philosophies, evils, and truths make me.
The people gave rise to my thoughts, the awareness of my heritage, the things I know, and those that I don't.
The people chose what food I eat, developed my taste, passed on their beliefs and the rituals that go with them.
The people developed my ear for music (I prefer classical). They introduced me to paintings, books, theater, and the art of talking and thinking logically.
The people grew my attitude. They determined seriousness, nurtured my non-athletic self.
The people passed passed on the spoken and written language, formed my mind and the thoughts that constantly bubble and rise into the atmosphere.
The people even,strange as it seems, developed, thought about, and formed these words.
Th people affected the animals, but not to the same extent.
The animals are what I am. I am composed of animals and plants. My life depends upon their death and I share their molecules.
The gasses only allow me to live. They are necessary for me, but also for the animals and plants that I eat.
The thoughts, philosophies, truths, and evils were passed on to me by the people. I only slightly changed them. But they didn't give me much room for interpretation.
It is that slight interpretation of myself, of the ideas and things surrounding me that make me unique from all others.
But, I only interpret with the knowledge and other thoughts passed on to me from the people.
Thus, I am what the people made me into. Can I be blamed or rewarded if I act on the things they told me?
Perhaps, what makes me, me, is that I accept that I am the people's thoughts, ideas, and mistakes.
But isn't that also from the people?

The author's comments:
This was written after Walt Whitman's Song of Myself.

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