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June 5, 2013
By laxgirl06 ELITE, Cheshire, Connecticut
laxgirl06 ELITE, Cheshire, Connecticut
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That pleasant July day,
the purity of the air
was surpassed only by the undeniable beauty of
the landscape.
That pleasant July day,
I decided it was time for my liberation.

Heavy and burdensome,
wretched and unforgiving,
the shackles that had restrained me,
the shackles that had weighed me down
like an enormous anchor
sunken deep down into the bottom of the ocean floor,
were removed at last.

But I had placed them on myself,
had let my own self-doubt and insecurity rule me,
so it was only fair that I would release myself
from them when I felt the time was right.

And that pleasant July day,
The time was right.
I could feel it in my aching bones,
and in my tense jaw,
could even taste it,
in the sweetness of
the summer breeze.

So like an injured sparrow in winter,
delicate and uncertain,
I stumbled across the concrete sidewalk,
my head too heavy to be properly supported,
my legs too weak and too clumsy and too stubborn
to follow their master’s orders.

Only after
long, quiet,
and indecisive contemplation,
did I act.

Beginning slowly,
then gradually gaining speed,
I shot myself into a completely different world,
A free world.

Like a rocket launched into
outer space,
rapidly and deliberately,
I sent myself into divine bliss.

complete and utter ecstasy,
as my legs propelled me into the oblivion I so badly craved.

I was invincible.
For once, nothing would stand in my way.

Breath raw and ragged,
overpronated feet swelling and hot,
Each step more painful and tender than the last,
I smiled.

As each onlooker shot me a quizzical look,
as they witnessed the crazed expression on my face,
as each irritating insect rammed its small body
against my hot face,
and flew dangerously close to my nostrils, mouth, and ears,
as the oppressive sun bore down on me,
with its sweltering, unforgiving heat,
and as my worn clothes adhered to my body
drenched entirely in sweat,
I smiled.

For I had decided that it was time.
I had decided that the heavy chains
I had placed on myself would no longer
impede me from my desires.
I had decided that I would no longer be a slave
to the insecurities and doubts that had once controlled me.
I had decided that I would finally be free.

And that day,
that pleasant July day,
Liberation had come.
Sweet and magnificent,
and glorious.

And I was free.
Finally free.

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