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Why do you want to be my friend?- A poem about Facebook

May 31, 2013
By imalwayswrite53 GOLD, Saltlake City, Utah
imalwayswrite53 GOLD, Saltlake City, Utah
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I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but what you don't realize is that what I said is not what I meant......

Why do you want to be my friend?
I think
as I raise an eye brow at my computer screen
I don't recognize your name
your face appears foreign inside that little tiny box
that Facebook gives you
How do I know you?
Do I even know you?
do you even know me?
Do I mean something to you?
I am I missing something important?
you really should just tell me how you feel
because that combination of 0s and 1s
a stream of yes or no's
that pixilated
and traveled from your computer
to mine
really didn't tell me enough
You sent me a friend request
but why?
Did it take you hours
weeks even
to pluck up the courage
the bravery
to push that little button next to my name
Are you sitting at your computer now?
with batted breath
waiting and hopping not for the rejection
that you fear so much
or did you do it because
you were bored?
because my profile picture appealed to you?
You think I'm hot do you?
well I'm sorry to inform you
I am not solely what I appear
because you wanted to be the one with the most "Friends"?
if this is the case
I'm going to be a pawn in your stupid game
To confirm or not
I bite my lip
I can't decide
So I do nothing
I stand up and walk
away from the computer
to go live in the real world
if you really do still want to be my friend
you should come visit me there
it's nice
not as pushy
or permanent
That's where I'll be.

The author's comments:
I have always been struck by the bizarre and trivial rituals of social media, but today in particular I felt the need to express my confusion. I think there should be a requirement that you have to justify why you want to be some's friend on Facebook. That would make things easier for me at least.

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