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~Dreams and Reality~

May 2, 2013
By YozoraK PLATINUM, Maumelle, Arkansas
YozoraK PLATINUM, Maumelle, Arkansas
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"Life for you has been less than kind/So take a number/Stand in line/We've all been sorry/We've all been hurt/But how we survive/Is what makes us who we are." -'Survive' by Rise Against

When the real world is simply too much to take,

sometimes you just want to dive into a fantasy land

and drown in the bliss of your imagination.
When failure and disappointment seem to drag you under,

all you want to do is drift freely

along the current of nothingness.
When everything keeps intending to bring you down,

when all hope for something better seems lost forever,

when you want to give up on life completely,
Just remember one thing:

Swim back up to the surface,

break free of the water's hold,

and take a deep breath of fresh air.
Think back to your accomplishments,

remember that there are people out there that love you,

and don't forget your dreams.
While dreaming takes place only in your mind,

you must step back into the real world and try again

because that's when dreams become reality.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for the Youth Suicide Prevention contest. It didn't win, but this version is the unedit one because it exceed the 100-word limit.
So perhaps the original version is better?

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