May 2, 2013
By Gracias1996 SILVER, Bradenton, Florida
Gracias1996 SILVER, Bradenton, Florida
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Lao Tzu

Are you a pious person?
Oh but how I am!
I continue to read the pi folklore
Memorizing one digit more.

How will I remember all of them?
The numbers that are really in pi.
If I can pile them on top of each other,
It would be high enough to touch the sky.

The numbers for pi have no sequence
Hence it is called irrational
But why do we use pi, oh why?
Though the digits for it are known international.

Maybe my class knows what pi is
And I know that
My teacher will soon
Give us all a pop quiz.

I love March 14th
It’s my favorite day for pi.
Pi is known to be irrational
But this poem is rational
So I’m ending by saying a good bye.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem in relation to pie day that is celebrated on March 14th.

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