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The Tears I Shed

May 2, 2013
By DarkestShadow98 GOLD, Lawndale, California
DarkestShadow98 GOLD, Lawndale, California
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At night I silently cry
Thinking of what could have been
But it crumbled when I said good-bye
It wasn't intentional
We just drifted apart
You are content and satisfied
While I have to suffer a broken heart
You chose her instead of me
Bringing a frown upon my lips
You have a new life and someone special
Mine only gets worn, slowly tears and rips
I hate her, she stole my spot
She only gives lies and flirts behind your back
I wish that she will be left in hell to rot
At first you gave her a hug and smile
Every time, inside, I would break
Then a kiss and your innocence
I die a little with each step you guys take
It brings me pain when you and I speak
Even though we barely say a word
My heart melts, but quickly turns bleak
You are fooled into joy
I love you, though you hurt me so much
^Tears forming in my eyes,
I miss when our hands would touch
I hide it all and say I'm fine
I ignored every sign
The way you used to look at me
If I took the chance, you would've been mine
I miss you, need you to survive
Will you sit back and watch me perish?
But this time I can't be revived
All the memories we shared, I cherish
Soon we turned our separate ways
Looking for "the one"
Finally meeting at the end of the maze
They threaten to fall
One drop still reaches on the floor
Knowing it's impossible
That I can't have you anymore
The tears I shed...
Are no longer pools water
For they have turned a crimson red
So every time I weep...
I get closer to that endless sleep
Since all I do is bleed
This is what you caused
You led me to my own suicide
Because it will never go my way
I cannot run, much less hide
I shall make this my final day
I will forever leave you alone and forget
Then when you see how much you long for me
This is your one, biggest regret
But it is not fate for there to be a "we"

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