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She Runs

April 27, 2013
By PeaceLuvWrite GOLD, Cinnaminson, New Jersey
PeaceLuvWrite GOLD, Cinnaminson, New Jersey
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She runs. For miles and miles she runs. Away from Him. Away from Her. She runs away from it all...
Away from her friends and family. She runs away from her hometown.
Never does she stop. All she does is run. Night and day.
But they always follow her. They haunt her in the shadows. Taunt her inside her mind. They never leave her alone.
Monsters. Demons. Voices. Whispers. Shadows. Darkness.
She never stops running. Hiding. She tries to escape but they always catch her. Every day. Every night. They won't leave her alone.
They have taken over her body and soul; her mind. Her will to live and breathe. They control her every move, every thought.
Who are they? What do they want?
They want flesh. They crave blood. Salty blood. Sweet. Sour. They want it all.
Her demons. Her controllers. Her voices. Herself.
She will run and she will hide.
But she cannot stay away.
She is gone.
She has always been broken.
She cries herself to sleep every night.
She dies a little more every day.
But you do not know this.
She has never told anyone.
No one is supposed to know her darkest fears, her secrets and stories.
She is scared of what people will say, what they will do.
She shouldn't be here.
She should be gone.
Always gone.
She misses happiness. Hasn't seen it in a while.
All smiles are fake. She is a pro.
But she isn't good enough, never is.
She made this out of her own free will.
She understands if she has no friends afterwards.
People had to know how bad it is.
How bad she is.
A monster.
A beast.
A demon.
She should be locked away but isn't.
But now she ends this.
She is sorry.
Always sorry.
She runs. For miles and miles she runs. Away from Him. Away from Her. She runs away from it all...

The author's comments:
I write a lot of dark free verse poetry. I don't know why I'm so into dark stuff. I guess it just fascinates me.

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