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At Least

April 5, 2013
By lil.awol ELITE, Independence, Missouri
lil.awol ELITE, Independence, Missouri
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"there's a darkness upon me that's flooded in light, and i'm frightened by those that don't see it" ~the avett brothers, head full of doubt

i look at you
and it hurts
because i still think about you
every single day
i never stopped loving you
said if the world took me away from you
you wouldn't know what to do
well you seemed to have figured it out
not that i haven't tried to move on
because i have tried more than once
but they couldn't compare to you
i was never as happy
it will never be the same
as how it was
who you made me
you have done so much to me
i gave you so much
would've given you more
had you not left so soon
you promised me so many things
you told me
that we would get married
and have children together
we talked about what we'd name them
and yes that was all silly
i knew that then
as i do now
but i thought you'd
at least you'd say goodbye
that at the very least
you'd miss me

The author's comments:
"when he sings i hear a symphony"

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