We all know it exists.

In extreme forms

Like bullying.

In subtle forms

Like avoiding someone.

And all of us also know

Who gets discriminated, right?


In some places, band nerds.

Nerds in general.

Blacks and racial minorities.


Oh, didn’t think of that one, did you?


Dear reader

It’s true.

Many people

Will run at the word


It hurts.

And people bully us too.

I’ve been teased and bullied too many times

Just because of my beliefs.

I’ve never hurt anyone.

I don’t stuff scripture down peoples’ throats.

It’s rare that Christians do that.

So why hate on us?

Why hate on your fellow humans?

We’ve overcome racial discrimination for the most part.

We’ve gotten over the worst of homosexual discrimination.

So why can’t we get over discrimination altogether?

Why must humans always have someone, something,

To hate?

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