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~Dear Powerhouse,

March 27, 2013
By DoubttheCircles SILVER, Washougal, Washington
DoubttheCircles SILVER, Washougal, Washington
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Keep swimming, keep swimming, Heaven is just on the horizon.

~Dear Powerhouse,

You are such a pig but so marvelous! I put all of my trust in you as you are 10x's my size. Swinging off your security bar to my 4 foot decent, I feel like I could fly and never fall. To make the climb into your cab is the beginning of such wondrous journeys ahead. Sitting behind your wheel makes me feel so infinite. Taking to any turf without hesitation. Your treaded tires scream as your engine roars! Sending my heart beating as if fear never existed. Taking it slow or fast, no matter where the path goes, you are always my haven, my powerhouse. As you are just a machine, I wish you knew how much I loved you.

Hearing the buzz of your turn over is better than getting a "good morning beautiful." Listening to you hum, its almost like you really do come alive! If you did, you'd be as large as life.

You and I are bigger than most, we drive as if we own the world. You've never let me down... never let me go. When everything falls apart, you blast them away through your exhaust. You feel what I feel deep inside your skeleton. No one can discourage me when the feeling of you is at my fingertips.

The author's comments:
The truck i drive is where i find refuge away from everything and everyone.
Its the one thing that always is there when all else fails.

If you have something or someone that you take for comfort, please comment and share yours(:

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