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A Love that Never Was

March 21, 2013
By Bridie ELITE, Massapequa, New York
Bridie ELITE, Massapequa, New York
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You lost yourself in a moment
You were gone so fast you couldn't even hold on to it
You try to turn a moment into a life time
When that happens there'll be no going back
And there'll be nothing left to say
Not even a rhyme
You're drowning in your own love
Because he's not taking
And you just keep on giving
You're tip toeing through a field of broken glass
And trying so hard to hold on to the past
But the future has nothing left to clasp.
You're wounded on the battlefield
And your bleeding heart is pouring out all it can
But you keep on fighting for a war that's already lost.
You can't heal until you leave the field
Now is the time to surrender and let go
So that you may salvage what's left of your soul.
The deed is done
And there's no battle won
So lay down your arms and return home from a love that never was.

The author's comments:
My best friend finally had her first real boyfriend and she was over the moon in love him. In the beginning he treated her like a princess and we would joke that he was whipped. But then like many relationships she learned about a lot of baggage that he came with and she felt insecure about the relationship and was terrified that she would lose him. She practically gave him everything she had and by then he started treating her like dirt. For a long time she didn't know what to do with her and wasn't eating or sleeping and she would cry herself to sleep every night. Fortunately, she has managed to find her way out of the relationship and is on the way to healing her heart. I am very proud of her and will always be there beside her to support her.
This poem is dedicated to you, it may not seem like it now but you will find happiness, just keep holding on.

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