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I'm Sorry

March 21, 2013
By kidlet612 PLATINUM, Sterling Heights, Michigan
kidlet612 PLATINUM, Sterling Heights, Michigan
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Im so sorry my darling
I never ment to make you cry
It was not my intention to hurt you
To break your wings, so you couldnt fly
Ive done this before
I keep doing this to you
But i guess from the moment i told you i love you
You became my new tattoo
Its scribbled in cursive
Black ink set so deep
Your name is on my heart
Each day that passes, the further in it seeps
Im sorry that you met me
That you stumbled into my life
Because its hazardous to your health
To be apart of my internal fights
I dont always mean what i say
When the words spill out of my mouth
Its just another mental breakdown
When my brain lies to me, fills me with doubts
I dont know how you do it
How you can love me for what i am
You know that im crazy
Yet you give me chance after chance
I want you to know i love you
And no matter what i say
Im begging youll never leave me
Even when my skies turn black and grey
There is something about you
That lifts me from the blue
You brighten up my world
I dont know how, i dont know why,
I just know you do.
Ill do this to you again,
When i get scared youre getting too close
Ill twist the knife in further
Telling you to please just go
But im telling you now
Thats not what i want at all
I need you to just hold me tighter
Reassure me, dont let me fall
You will always be a love of mine
In more ways than one
Youre my bestfriend, youre my sister
Youre my crush, youre my mom
I love you so much
It hurts my heart so often
To watch what you are put through
Im not sure how you havnt lost it
I know im unsteady
I cant always stand on my own two feet
Im irrational and psychotic
Im trapped in a world were my memories are on repeat
But i will try the best i can
To gain composure, to steady myself
Ill be your crutch to lean on, your shoulder to cry on
When your life turns into a living hell
Ill wipe your tears,
Ill stroke your hair
Ill hold you for hours
Anytime you need me there
I dont believe in promises
But i trust you with my life
Youve kept each one so far
You have started to change my mind
So here it goes,
The only time i will make one
I promise to you my darling
Ill love you until the last time i see the sun.

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