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No One Believes

January 31, 2013
By Mr.Poetman PLATINUM, Union City, Indiana
Mr.Poetman PLATINUM, Union City, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” -Wayne Gretzy

No one believes,
That I will achieve
No one believes,
All I do is deceive

You have no idea who I am,
And you won’t take the time to care
You don’t know a thing about me
I’m just dust in the air

No one has faith in me
They think I’ll fail
All I need is a helping hand
Like a leaf in fall gale

All I want is for someone to be proud
To tell me that I’ve done well
Someone to stand beside me
And follow me through hell


No one believes
That I will achieve
No one believes
All I do is deceive

No one knows the pain I hide
Nor the struggles I undergo
All they see is the fake me
The real one they’ll never know

I mask my scars and
Wish upon stars
I dream of a fantasy
Where im not afraid to be me

A place where I can scream, and shout
A place where I don’t have to bottle it up anymore
I can let it all out

But too bad it’s only a dream
For my mask is falling apart,
Starting at the seam

No one believes
That I’ll achieve
No one believes
That I deceive

I guess I’ll show you one day
When the time is right
But until then
I must continue to fight

I’ll prove them all wrong,
If it’s the last thing I do
They’ll know me for success
They’ll know me and be impressed

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