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The Colors

January 23, 2013
By bunbun74 SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
bunbun74 SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
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Have you ever watched the colors



to blend…
with a dash of rain…..
she trails off
what colors, what colors, I ask
Glassy eyes roll in their sockets,
gentle hand falls quickly off the bedside like a rocket….
No, no! I plead,
Tell me about the colors…
My sweet Isabelle Lea…
Jagged breaths in sudden torrents,
Violent contractions in her chest,
She grabs my hand,
The colors! She’s raving,

Oh the beautiful colors……
Her eyes are glassy again,
Struggling to hold on….
Isabelle! I scream, what about the colors, what colors
Isabelle Lea!
The colors, her voice grows quiet,
The colors..
Do you remember…
Her hand grows limp…
Relinquishing her other hand
Out rolls a crayon
And my only wish is…
That I could tell what color it is

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