The Reality Of Math

It’s pointless
Pointless I tell you!
There is no need to stuff my brain
With useless information that will
Just sit on some long-forgotten shelf
Collecting dust and mold.
Why waste my irreplaceable time
Learning concepts completely irrelevant to
Everywhere in the world except the
Please explain to me the importance
And value of learning this so I might
Better understand why I struggle so, day
After day trying to just grasp some
Inkling of understanding.
Oh math, why do you mock and jest at
Me so? And yet greet others as life-long
Comrades? If I have offended you in any
Matter, pray let it be known so I can
Right whatever slight I have wronged you
So we too may eventually get along.
If not companions then as acquaintances
Or as a friendly-face in an otherwise foreign
Classroom filled with stoic faces and unwelcoming

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