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Inbox for Politicians

January 5, 2013
By Thestral PLATINUM, Fort Collins, Colorado
Thestral PLATINUM, Fort Collins, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"The head and the heart are contrary historians."

Post after post
"Make the most of what you have;
Grab life by the horns,"
This is how we mourn now
this is how we justify ignoring tonight’s news tomorrow
Some poem about sorrow
a status about grief
for the relief of knowing it wasn’t you
not this time anyway
Today I scrolled down my news feed to find one more for the futures we lost the same way
but it didn’t end the way it should have all wrapped up nicely but it’s only the present for now
Tomorrow it’s just the past
soon enough
the last thing on our minds
winds up being those times we told ourselves to never forget
you let the story touch your heart but it apparently didn’t really hit you
not hard enough to bruise
the ruse of your semi-automatic feelings
wasting rounds on people you didn’t know
and lord knows it’s expensive
but the ultimate price is never worth paying
praying is too little too late
Susie was never more than 3’4”
and when it comes to states passing laws
over weed, this is the higher cause
when will be the right time to talk about it
sit through your own funeral what about then?
To think that’s how her story should end
cut off like the broken purple crayon in the 99 cent Crayola box when she forgot
how tightly she was crushing it in her fists and was surprised to look down and see two pieces in her hands but even kids know how to use the broken pieces to picture our world brighter
But right now we are the white crayon, never touched except when we’ve already screwed up and we childishly think we can somehow color it over but it never works we just keep wearing down each piece till our emotions callus
Allow us
To call attention to the tension on the school bus
Next morning when the driver realizes she has 20 stops less
Address the issue
Maybe then I’ll like your status

The author's comments:
Written for the recent shooting, and for the discussions that need to follow

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