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Our Mother, Chaos

January 3, 2013
By HelenaSh SILVER, New York, New York
HelenaSh SILVER, New York, New York
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Father bless us for we have sinned
But in this world of sinners we’ll fit right in
We all struggle, each with our own vice
Wishing for death, living in paradise

Paradise is where Alice goes
That backwards life is the one she chose
To Father, to Dinah she bid farewell
And down the rabbit hole she fell
And into Wonderland she landed
But found that world was empty handed

Empty minds we fill with glossolalia
With gossip, prattle, and melancholia
Because asylum is a place we call home
Though it is lonely we are never alone

We have chills, thrills, dolls, and pills
To cure us wherever our body ills
Green ones for our throbbing head
Blue ones, when silver tongues turn to lead
Yellow ones for when we are able to see
The world for real, people telling us who to be

Because for people like you and me
Identities are heresy
Identities are pills we take
Our own future we can make
Lose the fates and their golden threads
The lord above we surely can shed
Snips and cuts we do not fear
As long as our minds are not clear

We are immortal

Wind in our hair

Screaming into night sky air



We hide our black and blue contusions

We are chaos’s offspring
Born in the sweat and glory of a fighter’s ring
We learned to fight, to have the winning hand
And amongst the fallen we learned to stand

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on Jan. 3 2013 at 5:03 pm
NadiaAlmasalkhi BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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This poem is so good! It has such a great rhythm to it!