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Candlelight Vigil MAG

December 28, 2012
By JoPop13 GOLD, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
JoPop13 GOLD, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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My palms are up, to feel the touch of listless air
Sifting through an endless abyss of melancholy
So empty and consuming, suffocating and colorless
There used to be color: Bright, gold, warm
The world lit up by a determined soul, a gallant flame
Proud, strong, steady
Fiery power resting in my hands, but soft, kind, substantial. There
And I stand away watching, foreverwatching
As lines and cracks form on the smooth wax
The beauty vanishing, the flame dimming
So close, I held out my hands, and they burned
So close, I kept steady, yet my touch wavered. Useless
The rain started, picking up speed
Cold, harsh bullets beating it down
The light, the warmth, the hope.
I tried to shield the flame but the drops showed no mercy
Seeping, rolling, falling through my hair and skin
A final breath of air, a final burst of heat
It's fading, forever fading
My palms are up in surrender. I'm lost
Suffocating, colorless

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