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Beauty of Nature

December 24, 2012
By EMarie GOLD, Joplin, Missouri
EMarie GOLD, Joplin, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
Courage comes in all sizes, but fits only a few.
What is wise is not always right and what is right is not always wise.
Knowing what is wrong and right is not choosing which to fight.
-All of these are by me

The gentle sunlight
Leads you to a place
With lovely fingers
It warms you
As you rest in the woods
Your back on a steady tree
Your eyes soaking up the beauty
Your heart and mind and soul
For once are at ease
And the wind carries it,
The presence of the woods,
And place it trustingly
Into your shaking hands
Like a ghost or angel
It whispers in your ear
Its voice like the softest silk
Its words, like a haunting melody.
"Do not forget this place
This blessed sanctuary
This wonderful escape
and home of many.
Let its image never fade
Like forgotten words
Lost with every age
Or made to sound absurd
Remember it forever
Hold it in your heart
Where the image will not sever
Or be torn apart."
She dissipitates
The words are carried away
And your eyes listen
To what she said
You do more than skim,
You gaze deep into it all
And memorize everything
Feeling your heart burst
With secret pleasure
Feeling satisfied
Feeling the Earth
As the deep- age beauty
Crawls inside of your soul
Where you and nature
Become forever one
And you fall into sleep
During the setting of the sun
And tomorrow when you wake
You love grown even deeper
You shall run with your eyes, once again
Into the depths of the beauty of nature

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