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Music Soothes My Soul

December 19, 2012
By Mr.Poetman PLATINUM, Union City, Indiana
Mr.Poetman PLATINUM, Union City, Indiana
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With my headphones plugged in
And music turned all the way up
I drown out the world around me
Because I don’t give a f***
I don’t care what happens now
I have my soothing tunes
Like Kanye West’s Mercy
Or Bruno Mars’ talking to the moon
I listen to every lyric, every rhyme
I listen to my music constantly
I listen all the time
Whether it be T.I. or T-Pain
As long as its music
It’s all the same
But it must be loud
To block the rest of the noise
Blaring Seether or Creed
Maybe even Soulja boy
It doesn’t matter who sings
Or who plays the strings
I don’t care if it’s Justin Beiber
Nicki Minaj or Katey Perry either
Every chord every beat
Courses through me
I feel it in my feet
It pumps me up
Fuels my rage
Comforts my sadness
Unlocks the cage
I enjoy music of all types
From Beethoven’s 5th symphony
To Rick Ross’s Bag of Money
With my music turned up
It comforts my heart

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