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One More Time

December 19, 2012
By applesauceHater SILVER, Nikolaevsk, Alaska
applesauceHater SILVER, Nikolaevsk, Alaska
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Here I come,
as days so far, I’ve always done

I swear, like simplicity
here is the dream that I dream
and the me that you want

Hold me one more time
hold me,
and as strange as the world,
I become careless and free
I’ll give you a promise as you promise me

I won’t cry

And then you take my hand,
the darling I’ll be, as I let this lingering breathe

Once more, you tell me
We weren’t made for each other
But I’ll wish for a wish that you will wish for me now

Can you tell me to kiss your lips,
I don’t need to know why
Let all the sweetness hit,
let our poor minds swell

And hold me more ruggedly,

Kiss me more tenderly,

Make me, more lovely

And as we let ourselves out
Seasons turn,
brutal and sore,
and our reasons never cease
even as the cage seems to bend,

But from the eyes I often watch,
a beautiful darkness left me alone

Give me, my love, a sweet, sweet goodbye

Just one more time

The author's comments:
Beauty can be love,
and love can be beauty-less,
but hearts want love,
even if it means to wish less

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