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the agony of almost

October 14, 2012
By Birdsong PLATINUM, Vancouver, Other
Birdsong PLATINUM, Vancouver, Other
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bags careening

handles slamming against thighs

frantic heel clicks shattering

the lethargy of mundane travel routines

excuse me sorry trying to make a connection sorry

then the customs line:


than the last drop of honey


down a frozen container.

watching seconds



spark of hope:

bored hands ushering us to a different line.

untangling ourselves from cloth barriers

fumbling with haphazard papers

yes no no no Canadian Australia nine days yes thank you

circling the baggage carousel, frenzied vultures

tensed to swoop in on our hapless quarry-


hallways stairs escalators elevators

wrong way

downstairs across and up.

come on hurry almost there

10 minutes until departure:

pleading airport personnel

‘our plane was delayed an hour, the next plane home leaves in ten hours’

empty eyes, mechanical smiles, tired words

begging shrieking threatening

unfeeling ‘sorry’s

a burst of noise:

outside the window,

our plane



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on Dec. 25 2012 at 2:54 pm
Birdsong PLATINUM, Vancouver, Other
38 articles 1 photo 7 comments
thank you so much!

on Oct. 23 2012 at 9:38 pm
thezebrasgray PLATINUM, Taylorsville, Utah
46 articles 0 photos 231 comments
The fluency created by the chaos of this poem is astounding!