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Me & My Soul against the World.

October 9, 2012
By chriskabz PLATINUM, Nairobi, Other
chriskabz PLATINUM, Nairobi, Other
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I never thought;Not once did it occur,
All around,Darkness engulfs significantly,
Oh!How i dread such evil,
But do I have a choice?
Would nature be of kind heart?
Ironic forever will it be,
To my mind shall it always be clear.

The Earth in its paranormal character,
To this gaudy day I comprehend,
All this madness,many may call it Art,
But can you not see the deceit,dishonesty!
Alas!All that my heart may do,
ever shall it weep,as strong as it may be,
Never shall I not be human.

Struggles may conquer me,
In my simplicity I stand brave,
As much as the pollution may disgust,
I wage war vigorously,merciless shall my spirit be,
This is me,
Me and my soul against it all!

The author's comments:
I still lack words to show how tough my life has been.Dramatic and wonderful at the same time. So I therefore show the world that not would would I get intimidated but with all my energy shall I ensure that I will conquer at the end

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