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October 2, 2012
By Llyxomisacutie SILVER, Gilbert, Arizona
Llyxomisacutie SILVER, Gilbert, Arizona
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It’s that ten dollar bill or those jingling quarters in your pocket
It’s that penny you stumble upon on your evening walk
With Lincoln’s head face-side up
It is what drives most people crazy with greed and anger
But money is just that green clothe with some president
or famous character of history’s face stamped on it
it has no feeling
no ideas
no thoughts on how it should be spent
but we as humans think that with every pay check
it is heaven-send
the truth is money can bring pain as well as joy
it is but a item that is flaunted around like a toy
many people go bankrupt before they are even forty
and why is this you ask?
Because of their blind-sight of money

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on Oct. 16 2012 at 3:51 pm
justliveyourlife02 BRONZE, Mahopac, New York
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GREAT job! :)