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I miss you</3

September 6, 2012
By DeadOnArrival SILVER, Visalia, Colorado
DeadOnArrival SILVER, Visalia, Colorado
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I loved his smile
I loved his laugh
I loved his hugs
I loved his friendship
I loved his cheerfulness
I loved his I'magination
I loved that my family would love him
I sadly love how i still love him

I don't want to waist anymore time. this poem seems to have no rhyme. It's a warning. Don't make a mistake like I did cause now all I think about is:

How much I miss his smile
I miss his laugh
I miss his cheesy pick up lines
I miss his opinions
I miss his I'magination
I miss the mischief in his eyes
I miss his influence
I miss his playful teasing
I miss his hugs
I miss his friendship
I miss his love
I miss his love

I hate waking up in the middle of the night crying because I thought you forgave me, but I'm sure you moved on. I just hope you still love me and read this..........

All I want is you and I was so stupid to not realize sooner...

I miss you </3

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I thought if I wrote/typed it all out I'd move on....... I guess this time it isn't working......

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