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August 27, 2012
By Aj3541 PLATINUM, North Vernon, Indiana
Aj3541 PLATINUM, North Vernon, Indiana
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a ring of the sky's farewell
As it slowly starts to dwell
Every drop starts to pelt
As the plants stop the welt
Then silence
Other then the thunders taunting scream
Then light flashes
And on goes the rain
And down below a gentle glow
Of the water of the stream
Rippling and rushing forward
And flooding of its grassy neighbors door
Then the rain starts to slow
The sun starts to glow
The birds start to chirp
There usual long song
Then the wind whistles
Through the tall aching grass
Then no longer in a rush
The river starts to hush
And maintain its gentle glow
The sun beats heat on the ground
Where no animal is not found
Then hear of the play
The children do all day
Then leaves start to change
To there radiant colors of range
Then the sun has hidden
And then snow starts a spitin
And now as the bitter cold arrises
No animal spotten
No words from the birds
Only left of the whirls of the wind
The snow starts to melt
The sun starts to come out
Finally the spring once again
Is ready to shout

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