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Broken Smile

August 18, 2012
By AWriterOfWords DIAMOND, Hamburg, New Jersey
AWriterOfWords DIAMOND, Hamburg, New Jersey
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I get up out of bed,
Already I feel spinning within my head,
So many decisions and choices to make.

Shall I wear this shirt.
Or this shoe?
Should I wear purple?
Or shoulder I wear red?

Time to do my hair,
Walk in front of the mirror,
Look at my reflection.

Who is that girl trapped inside?
Who is that girl with the dead eyes?
Who is that girl her hair in a pile?
Who is that girl with the broken smile?

That reflection is me,
But not the me you see.

Brush my teeth,
Comb my hair,
Make-up applied,
Perfect outfit chosen.

I stare back in the reflection,
The girl looks familiar.
But one thing is missing,
How to fix the broken picture?

I grip the tube,
I roll it up,
I paint my lips red,
Careful not mess up,
And I plaster on a smile.

Finally I am complete,
This is the me that everyone sees.
I am the girl with the perfect hair,
I am the girl with perfect flare.
But deep inside of me,
Hides the girl with the broken smile.

The author's comments:
A smile can hold so many secrets, but will you dare to look beyond?

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