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July 26, 2012
By awesomelyme GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
awesomelyme GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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Akthough the truth may hurt, not knowing is the worst kind of punishment.

Colors of blacks, blues, purples, and faded grays surround me.
Every day i unvoluntarily bask in these colors.
Suffocated, drowned, yet fascinated by them.
What do these colors mean?
Do they represent the gloominess of an october night?
Do they symbolize the bruises for which my mother has granted me?
Do they symbolize the colors of my spirits,
whom once soar high
but now have descended so low that the flames from hell have burned them.
Why do these colors make me feel closterphobic.
Why do they make me sad and gloomy?
Most of all,
why do they make me think so much?

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