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Nowhere Air

July 19, 2012
By Cinnamon GOLD, Ottawa, Other
Cinnamon GOLD, Ottawa, Other
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"We are all of us stars, and we all deserve to twinkle." -Marilyn Monroe

Let's run.
Let's run down the halls and out the door
Let's forget our shoes.
Let's tear down those streets until our hearts pound and our feet hurt, and let's keep going
Let's get lost.
Let's pass our boundaries
Let's feel our breath pushed back against our faces, far too warm on this night
Let's not care.
Let's let streetlights zoom by until we don't even recognise the names they illuminate
Let's leave our town behind.
Let's run beside the river and feel the sand under our toes
Let's pass that swing-set we sat on once and let's remember how the moon was full then like it is full tonight
Let's wonder if the moon can ever be so full it bursts
Let's run right past the forest and shield our eyes from all the branches
Let's just go and go and go.
Let's free ourselves from everything
And stand on those far, far shores we dream about
And look back on our lives
In those bright city lights
And even though our chests ache
Let's laugh
At just how crazy it all is.
And since we're out there,
In the middle of nowhere,
Let's watch the stars
And let's just breathe
The nowhere air.

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