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The Magic of Disney

July 18, 2012
By runfortheanimals BRONZE, Freehold, New Jersey
runfortheanimals BRONZE, Freehold, New Jersey
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they throw the dollar bills at the princess
take a picture with me
the little girl screams and smiles
because it's magic
because it's magic
with her lipstick covering the mouth she
shares with several others and
make up to hide the face
that broke the hearts and left scars
and the pink flutters as she twirls and expands
making sure it never compresses
hiding her lack of digestion
of food she throws up in the bathroom every night
after making some boy pay for her cheap beers
so she could get throuugh another day of being "such a dear"
resembling that princess
that princess
that princess
who had no flaws and defied reality
to force every girl to work themselves to insanity
to be her, to meet her
standards are high because
she always ends up with a flawless guy
that prince
makes the boys spend hours to make themselves attractive enough
for his princess to kiss
and to keep the mistakes
the flawed
the fat
the gay
the other-than-white-race
from my princess
who sits home and does nothing
but act "pretty"
and contribute to the death of originality
to sell these breaking machines
where no heart lies but money buys
any happiness of greasy food
shoved in their faces
so please
take a picture with my daughter

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