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Who says im perfect?

July 7, 2012
By Dreammer GOLD, Montrose, Pennsylvania
Dreammer GOLD, Montrose, Pennsylvania
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Everyone says I'm gorgeous on the inside out,
But they don't see what I see;
They don't see my flaws.
Day to day people tell me,
How helpful and smart I am.
But they don't know;
Momma says I'm toxic,
I believe her.
Every TI'me he says he loves me,
I cant help but doubt hI'm,
Who could love somebody like me?
They tell me I'm better then this,
But I cant trust them.
They don't understand why i don't trust anyone,
I can't tell them the truth,
Don't want to faced the truth.
Everyone says I'll make it far in life,
If I try.
I'm not so sure;
They tell me to believe,
To have faith in myself.
I just can't;
It's not how mommy raised me.

The author's comments:
As a young child my mom taught me how to hate myself she told me i wasn't good enough. this poems about the battle I still have today with it

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on Oct. 20 2013 at 4:40 am
ToPonJah DIAMOND, San Diego, California
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You are winning. You will win. Our parents mold us into the people we unfortunately become...which is why it is our job to be rebellious. I have fallen in love with your poems. I can relate to many parts of them. Please respond to me with kindness.