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I'm No Poet

July 11, 2012
By ChelseaMe SILVER, Conway, Arkansas
ChelseaMe SILVER, Conway, Arkansas
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I'm no poet.
I never dream
I have no pain
Nor crazy schemes.
I'm not insane
Not even a little.
I don't cry
I don't giggle.
I don't wish to fly,
I don't aspire,
Nor do I wonder
Why the flies are on fire.
I don't blunder
I've never loved nor hurt.
I don't get mad...
I never flirt.
I've never been sad
nor depressed.
I've never felt the need
to stop and rest.
I don't bleed,
I don't think,
I don't worry,
I never even blink.
Nothing is blurry;
I see only white an black
only things that are deep
slip through the cracks.
I don't sleep,
I never smile,
I don't play,
I have no style.
I have nothing to say,
I can't make a guess,
I never complain
I've never made a mess.
I'm no poet,
I'm not free;
Now can't you see
just how boring
my life seems?

The author's comments:
My take on what a life would be like without music, poetry and stories. Incredibly dull. It's also my way of saying anyone can write if they have any life in them at all.

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JosephW. GOLD said...
on May. 17 2013 at 1:55 pm
JosephW. GOLD, Richford, Vermont
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This is great.