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Away from the Voices

May 17, 2012
By kyrireese GOLD, Dallas, Texas
kyrireese GOLD, Dallas, Texas
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"Everything will absolutely be all right."
"Hold fast to dreams." - Langston Hughes

Away, away, away
Something take me far away
To where words can no longer harm me
To where expectations are drowned in the sea
Something there will surely inspire
Words of mine that pull me higher
I'll climb up mountains and reach the top
No one there can tell me to stop
And then I'll play in shifting sands
The music they make better than any band-

Away, away, away
Farther from today
Away from the people and the choices
I'll only have myself to please, no other voices
But, that place far away, away
Is too far away from today
The voices here will stay with me still
I fear that they forever will-

Believing in my own true choices
I'll achieve my own dreams, in spite of all the voices

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