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Come live with me, for a while

May 16, 2012
By Annibonny DIAMOND, Evanston, Illinois
Annibonny DIAMOND, Evanston, Illinois
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Sometimes life takes a path that is hard to walk on, so all you have to do is put on your hiking boots.

Come live with me
My sorrow
Still the birds come to stay
I let you dream
In the autumn wind
And help with the garden

Come live with me
My precious
Still the butterflies arise
And tell me stories of your adventures
But remember,
Butterflies don’t fly too high.

Come live with me
My lover
I’ll keep you in my arms
Until the flower petals come sweeping by
And love dances with the flies.

The author's comments:
Love can be amazing. It can sweep you off your feet, but sometimes, the word love is misused. Sometimes love can have an expiration date.

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