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I Think You're Broken

May 15, 2012
By Indilove GOLD, Kenockee, Michigan
Indilove GOLD, Kenockee, Michigan
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No one is your strength or guidance. If life is what you wish to live then do not bind your soul to something unreal. The creater nor the keeper can heal you for it is blind faith that leads you.

Something is different now
The way you look at me
Your eyes glazed over
Your mind always in a haze

You can't walk straight
And although you laugh at everything
I see you crying on the inside

Every time you look at me

It was your call that broke us up
I took it hard
but I think you're broken

I cried and wondered why
But I think you're broken
I see you crying on the inside

You come to school a mess
Baggy shirt, half tucked into your pants
Hair curly and flat
Black bags form under your eyes
Your hands never stop shaking

What happened to you
You say you're fine
But I see you crying on the inside

I was hurt before
But this hurts more
To see you broken

I feel helpless

Why are you still crying

On the inside

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