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Where You Left Me

April 20, 2012
By PandaBear PLATINUM, Tucson, Arizona
PandaBear PLATINUM, Tucson, Arizona
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Lemme open your eyes
To my world
A world you've never seen
The world you never took the time to care to see
You didn't dig deep enough
You didn't care
It was my world
Where you were once the sun
And I was the earth
You had me wrapped around your finger
Like a faded pink ribbon
And in the back of your mind, you were looking for the scissors
I was wrapped tight
I wasn't gonna let you cut me down
I was bound by every word that fell from your mouth
I don't know if that was love
You opened my eyes to see
Everything that should be
How no one should ever be left in the dark
It's cold and unforgiving
And when the lights shine, you shy away
Because the brightest lights, will leave everything as dark as can be
You should know, no one should ever be left to fall
Knees scraped
Open and wounded
But you walked away
With a smile on your face
You lashed the whip
Like a jockey, tryin to win some race
Guess what, my love
Your not deserving anymore
I can say I'm the one, left in the dark still
But when the time comes, it'll hit you like Christmas Day
And the lights will be shining bright crimson red
Because I'm not coming back
And don't expect me to fall in your arms
Like the hopeless heart I am
Don't change your mind,
Don't give me excuses
And don't tell me why
Because I'll open your eyes to my world
Where, believe me, you've made no friends
And you'll be left in that dark room
Just exactly the place
Where you left me

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