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May 7, 2012
By SquirtII BRONZE, Naperville, Illinois
SquirtII BRONZE, Naperville, Illinois
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Dear Stranger,

I have never been able to talk to you
Or at least never been able to tell you about how I feel
About what you did
Maybe you always have been like that
Maybe you made your decision
Back then
Maybe you felt trapped
Maybe you were just confused about who you were
Back then
I didn’t know what was going on
I was just a clueless kid
Back then
You were my Hero
My inspiration
My role model
Back then
So how could you?
How could you accept to fail as bad as you do?
When all they ever taught us to do was to succeed
How could you have lied to us the way you did?
When we would’ve accepted the truth
How could you give up who you are, everything you ever were, for her?
When you’ve always been the pioneer, the adventurer
How could you have, in your mind, put her ahead of us?
When we’re the ones who you’ve lived with your whole life?
How could you have turned your back on your own religion?
When you were raised in a culture where we’re meant to be grateful for what’s given to us
But you never have been
You never have been grateful to what they slaved all of their lives, to give to us
You just wanted to leave
But how could you have wasted so much of their money?
And acted like you didn’t rely on them for anything
How could you have distanced yourself from us, as much as you did?
Why did you never tell us what was going through your head?
Every prayer, every fast, every community get together, did you think we were all stupid?
To adhere to our religion?
To love our religion?
So why did you lie to us and say that you still believed?

Why did you never tell them about her until you said you wanted to marry her?
Did you expect them to agree with you?
When they didn’t agree, why didn’t you do more to help the situation?
Why did you just watch?
Where were you when She went to get her head shaved?
Why didn’t you, like the rest of us did?
Why didn’t you even wear the bracelet?
Do you even love her?

Why did you continue to run around with her despite what was going on with us?
Why did you have to break their hearts over and over again?
Why did you never inform her about what our religion teaches?
So when her judgments of us became harsh it was because of her ignorance
Because you never told her
Why did you allow her to hate us?
Why couldn’t you have been strong enough?

But you never have been
You never have been strong enough, never motivated enough
You forgot who took care of you when you were sick
You forgot who has always been behind you
Through Hell and back
Now you are deciding to leave
To Detroit
So you won’t see us anymore
So you won’t see them anymore
Now I know why Armaan called you a Coward
Scared to take the responsibility of staying
So now you’re running away
Lately I’ve found myself able to cut people out of my life
Because the only hurt me
Who I thought I could never live without
If you don’t believe I will, then watch me
Now I know who you are
A Stranger

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