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Undying Hope

May 1, 2012
By Shivam GOLD, Lucknow, Other
Shivam GOLD, Lucknow, Other
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Its nothing like nothing or all.. its just that how far you climb up the tree before you fall..

He cant sleep cos his eyes are witnessing a horrible scene
should he? cos before storm comes, waters are serene
He's so afraid of raid of fate, will he be crucified based on the deeds of his past state
he wants forgiveness, wants to escape the pain
can he alter the punishment
or should he dance in the rain
like dancing barefooted on fire
smiling and accepting each bruise
the most easy way out, the most tempting option to choose
Excruciated by the fear , cant cross the river of life but
will not drown if builds a bridge of stones
and numbs himself to pain,sorrow and its clones
build a skeleton within the heart , to withstand the shocks
to structure life and try to be saved from the collapse
He may strive the combat alone
but its always better to have someone on your side
the desire of love cant be denied in a war
when the enemies have raised the bar
love is a light that can blaze a dead star
and make scars dead
and a blind can gaze a candle thats far
even an injured can lay on a spike bed
but the pain is increased tenfold when you fall
from a higher place
the more you get.... the more you'll cry
when you'll lose it, and turn joker from an ace
so when love leaves , it simply
puts you back in a darker grief...
what once was a king, now tempts to be a thief
looking out for love again,
trying to steal sumone's heart
asking the fate for the perfect dart
that will hit the bull's eye
begging for someone to be on his side
love is addiction, once you acquired it,
you can never live without love
so the first time when his heart breaks,
the second time he becomes more desperate...

so when he fell in wat seemed as an abyss
he still had undying hope as the available bliss
and to cope with the problem ,the only kiss
he can give to life
till the lips are sealed by love
and wounds of wait , healed by fate

Until then , he waits,
every day is a war.....
crossing thr bridge of stones,
wondering the end is near or far?
and all he does is wait....
crossing the bridge of stones....
questining, wondering.....
all he does is wait...

so when he fell in wat seemed as an abyss
he still had undying hope as the available bliss

so when he fell in wat seemed as an abyss
he still had undying hope as the available bliss

All he does is wait..
crossing the bridge of stones....

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raeee GOLD said...
on May. 11 2012 at 10:24 am
raeee GOLD, Walla Walla, Georgia
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"Would she hear me if I called her name? Would she hold me if she knew my shame? Would she even love me if I was to blame?" -Favourite poem ever♥

Wow, Tone, this is like, really deep and I can feel all the emotions seeping from my screen. It's sad, raw and true and I love it. Thank you for taking the time to write these beautiful poems. A lot of people feel this way, but they can never find the courage to speak the words, and the words you speak here are the ones so many never found the voice to speak. A few spelling errors, but no one is perfect. Great job. Keep writing. :D